Soil-Groundwater Investigation Corrective action Pahse III remediation Materials Sampling

We can help with tricky sites to avoid an EA (environmental assessment) for problems such as:

  • Undetermined Floodplains (Zone D)
  • Nearby Endangered Species
  • Critical Habitats
  • Historically Significant Sites
  • Subject Site in a Floodplain
  • Wetlands Disturbance

We will perform increasing levels of detail to avoid an EA, and we will also prepare an EA if required. The following are some examples:

  • Biological Survey
  • Cultural Resources/Archaeological Survey (SHPO)
  • Consultation with Federal Agencies
  • Concurrence from U.S. Fish, Wildlife, and State Historic Preservation Office
  • Native American Consultation
  • Floodplain Survey
  • Wetlands Survey
  • Floodplain Determination
  • Biological Monitoring During Construction
  • Archaeological Monitoring During Construction
  • NEPA Compliance in Forestry Service and BLM Land
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