Soil-Groundwater Investigation Corrective action Pahse III remediation Materials Sampling

Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report always meets or exceeds the ASTM Standard E 1527 and may include:

  • Thorough site reconnaissance with a review of
    neighboring property use
  • Review of multiple historical sources, including
    aerial photographs, historical maps, and city directories
  • Review of regulatory agency records, including
    contacts with local fire, health, building, and water
    quality agencies
  • Thorough interviews of knowledgeable property
    representatives, including owners, occupants,
    neighbors, etc.
  • Review of a 1-mile radius regulatory agency data-
    base report with maps
  • Inclusion of color maps and digital color site
  • Review of physical setting information, including
    site topography, geology, and hydrology
  • Visual survey of asbestos-, lead-, and PCB-containing
    building materials and equipment
  • Thorough and concise conclusions and
    recommendations with associated cost estimates
  • No unnecessary "RED FLAGS"
  • Complete confidentiality of report finding

Complete Confidentiality of Report Findings


The ASTM Standard E 1528 compliant Transaction Screen Report provides the necessary environmental due diligence for small loans on innocuous sites where the history of the site is well known for at least 60 years. The Transaction Screen may include the following:

  • Site inspection with digital photo documentation
  • Underground tank agency record search and review
  • Review of a computer-generated, 1-mile radius regulatory agency database report with maps
  • Completion of up to 3 detailed questionnaires (owner, inspector, and occupant)
  • Report, bound with concise conclusions and recommendations
The Transaction Screen is specifically geared for the following types of properties:
  • Commercial properties, office buildings , and retail stores
  • Residential properties (housing tracts,apartment complexes, senior-housing facilities)
  • Vacant properties (undeveloped land)
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