Phase I Transaction Screen Environmental Screen Update/Property Condition Report

Our Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Report always
meets or exceeds the ASTM Standard E 1527 and may include:

  • Thorough site reconnaissance with a review of
    neighboring property use
  • Review of multiple historical sources, including
    aerial photographs, historical maps, and city directories
  • Review of regulatory agency records, including
    contacts with local fire, health, building, and water
    quality agencies
  • Thorough interviews of knowledgeable property
    representatives, including owners, occupants,
    neighbors, etc.
  • Review of a 1-mile radius regulatory agency data-
    base report with maps
  • Inclusion of color maps and digital color site
  • Review of physical setting information, including
    site topography, geology, and hydrology
  • Visual survey of asbestos-, lead-, and PCB-containing
    building materials and equipment
  • Thorough and concise conclusions and
    recommendations with associated cost estimates
  • No unnecessary "RED FLAGS"
  • Complete confidentiality of report finding
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